Thursday, December 4, 2008

“The birth of a blog”

I first began to write “The Watchman Chronicles” newsletter back in June of '02. Each issue had 4 to 6 short blog type articles on topics ranging from what the Lord was teaching me to political issues like abortion or the silencing of Christian free speech. I would print them off and mail or hand them out to family and friends. I wrote five issues of “The Watchman Chronicles” newsletter before unintentionally stopping. Then in late ‘07, I felt the Lord nudging me to begin writing “The Watchman Chronicles” once again. This time I changed the format a bit and began to e-mail them out. Recently my daughter approached me about putting “The Watchman Chronicles” on a blog sight. I was a bit reluctant at first, for my writing and English skills have a lot of room for improvement. Besides, do I really have anything to say that is worthy of the whole world's interest? After much thought and prayer, I came to the conclusion that, no, “I” don’t have anything to say that is worthy of the world's attention. However, I believe the Lord has some things He wants to say through me. So I surrender my apprehension to the Spirits leading, believing that God wants to use “The Watchman Chronicles” to lead you into a closer relationship with Himself. I confess that my opinion is a total waste of your time, but whatever the Holy Scriptures and the Holy Spirit may have to say to you are unfailing and of eternal value. My only desire and purpose for “The Watchman Chronicles” is to point you to Jesus, and to stir your spirit to seek Him. You don’t need any more religion, and we don’t need any more church in the manner that most of us are used to. In fact, unfortunately, church often obscures our view of God. As Tommy Tenney says in his book The God Chasers, “People don’t want doctrine, they don’t want tracts, and they don’t want feeble arguments, they just want Him.” I am in pursuit of Him, come along if you care to join me.

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