Wednesday, June 24, 2009

“The Changing Of A Desperate Man!”

Due to the long hours of my summer work schedule I have trouble finding time to write. Therefore I will post one of my first “Watchman Chronicles” that I wrote way back in 2003.

I have just finished reading a book by Mark Cahill called "The One Thing You Can't Do In Heaven." (If you have ever struggled with sharing your faith in Jesus, this book will both challenge and help equip you to share Christ more comfortably with every one you come into contact with, friends and strangers alike.) Having my heart freshly stirred and eyes newly opened to a lost and dying world, who is in desperate need the Savior‘s love, a world of souls that will slip into eternity without the answer, unless "we" care enough to share Christ’s love with them. My family and I were in the mall in Rapid City looking for a dress for our teenage daughter, when we saw a scrungy looking man who appeared to be homeless sitting on a bench, wrapped in a dirty blanket. I felt God tug at my heart to go talk to him, share Christ’s love with him, or minister to him in some way. I resisted and didn't do it. I told God, "I don't know what to say to a total stranger. God surely you know I have trouble talking to people I know. I'm just not ready to do that yet."

I passed this man several more times that afternoon as we made our way around the mall. Each time I would feel the Spirit leading me to visit with him, and each time I would push it away, and go about my business. Late that afternoon as we were preparing to leave, I had purchased a large cinnamon roll from a vender for our family to share on the long ride home. As I was headed through the mall toward the car, I felt God impress me again. “Give your roll to that homeless man.” I began to argue with God about giving "my" roll to a strange man. The argument continued as I approached the bench where the homeless man had been sitting. A ting of relief hit me when I realized that the bench where he had been sitting was now empty. My eyes scanned up and down the mall. Then I spotted him in the distance, slowly making his way toward the exit. “Should I run and catch up with him…? I had probably lost my opportunity to talk with him but I could at least give him my roll as an expression of God‘s love.” My feet didn’t move as I stood watching him round the corner and go out the exit door.

For days I couldn’t get the image of that moment out of my mind. I could see myself standing there watching as this man walked out the mall door and fell directly into eternity without Christ. I had done nothing to help him, show him Christ’s love, or share the gospel with him. According to Matthew 25:35-40, I had seen Jesus and let Him walk away without ministering to Him. I prayed for forgiveness for not obeying the Spirits leading. I kept thinking that what if God had brought this man to the mall that day so I could share Jesus love with him and I had failed? My fear had kept me from obedience, and had kept this man form an encounter with the love of the Almighty. What if he steps into eternity without Jesus, when maybe I could have been the last person to share Jesus love and grace with him?

As the days have passed since that encounter, I have resolved to be more bold and obedient to the Spirits leading. God has used the memory of that experience and lost opportunity to change me. I have become more aware of the hurting souls I encounter each day, be it a stranger, a store clerk, or a teenager I see at the ball game. I have definitely been changed for the better. Then one day it dawned on me, “God hadn’t sent me to the mall that day to change a homeless man! God had sent a homeless man to the mall that day, to change ME!”

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

“I AM”

My daughter wrote an “I Am” poem for an assignment for her summer college class. I thought hers was amazing. She found it a fun and enlightening exercise, and encouraged others to try it as well, and so I did. Like most guys I suppose, I am not much for self exploration and certainly not big on letting others see into my soul, but I have always known that God called me to write “The Watchman Chronicles” more for my benefit than for yours. With that in mind and at God’s prompting, I will reluctantly share with you my “I Am” poem, in hopes that it will encourage you to do some self exploration of your own. To write your own “I Am” poem, just take the first two words from each line and fill in your own ending. It can be just for fun, or you can make it into a spiritual exercise. If you choose the latter, say a prayer as you begin each line that God will help you find the truth of what is buried in your soul, not just who you “think” you are, or who you “think” you should be.


I Am

I Am a quiet, even tempered, passive servant in the flesh, but I am a king and warrior and a rebel in my Spirit!

I Wonder what my life would look like if I fully knew and did Gods will?

I Hear God’s heart weeping over the broken and over my apathy to them.

I See a world full of lost, lonely, and hurting people desperately searching for the answer to their pain.

I Want to be like Jesus, but as Todd Agnew sings, “I'm no sure what that means?”

I Am a quiet, even tempered, passive servant in the flesh, but I am a king and warrior and a rebel in my Spirit!

I Pretend because that is what people want, rather than the truth.

I Feel lost, lonely, and insignificant sometimes, and what I desire and have to say aren’t important.

I Touch God when I love His children.

I Worry my faith won’t work and that it won’t be strong enough, “in the day of trouble.”

I Cry for young people whose lives are being destroyed by Satan’s deceptions.

I Am a quiet, even tempered, passive servant in the flesh, but I am a king and warrior and a rebel in my Spirit!

I Understand that the Bible is God’s infallible Word and will, and that everything it says is true, even when I don’t comprehend it.

I Say what God teaches me, in order to encourage others in their walk with God.

I Dream of a day when my will for me will be fully the same as God’s will for me.

I Try too hard and think too much.

I Hope my life will make a positive difference for the Kingdom of God.

I Am a quiet, even tempered, passive servant in the flesh, but I am a king and warrior and a rebel in my Spirit!